Mememily's art commissions


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✧ Normal Styles ✧

headshot: $20
half body: $35
fullbody: $45
-$5 from total for sketch / lines only

couple prices
headshot: $35
half body: $65
fullbody: $85

please specifiy if you would like the clean/cel shade or sketch/painted style

✧ Sketch Page / Reference ✧

sketch pages begin at $100 for: 1 full body, 1 half body and 2 headshots.

reference sheets begin at $90 for a front and back view.

please inquire for customs

✧ Chibis ✧

chibis begin at $25 and increase with design complexity!

terms of service

will do: humans, furries, anthro, fanart, gore, suggestive content (ask first)

won't do: porn, mech, animals. I have the right to deny any commission

✧ payment is upfront via PayPal invoices
✧ complicated designs will be more expensive!
✧ you may not use commissioned work for commercial purposes
✧ please ask if you would like progress sketches sent to you
✧ allow 2-6 weeks (unless otherwise stated) for me to complete your commission
✧ no refunds for completed work.